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I. Customers shall not entrust Maritime Temp Services employees with unattended premises, cash, negotiable or other valuables.

II. Maritime Temp Services covers all Workers Compensation Premiums on our employee's behalf. As such, Customers acknowledge that Maritime Temp Services employees are assigned on the basis of a particular job classification and are not to change job duties without prior approval being obtained from Maritime Temp Services.

III. Maritime Temp Services insurance does not cover loss or damage caused by Maritime Temp Services employees operating Customer owned or Customer leased vehicle/equipment. Customer therefore accepts full responsibility for claims including the defense thereof and limiting the general and all of the foregoing claims involving bodily injury, property damage, fire, theft, collusion, cargo damage or public liability damage sustained or incurred as a result of a Maritime Temp Services employee driving/operating such vehicles/equipment or arising out of, or involving violation by the Customer of paragraph (I) and the Customer shall forthwith indemnify Maritime Temp Services for any and all losses occasioned by the foregoing.

IV. Maritime Temp Services shall not be responsible for claims made under its Fidelity Bond unless the Customer reports such claims in writing to Maritime Temp Services within 30 days of the occurrence. Any such liability shall be limited to the recovery by Maritime Temp Services under said Fidelity Bond.

V. Customer recognizes Maritime Temp Services employer-employee relationship with our personnel and accepts the obligation to discuss all matters concerning their employment, job assignments, pay procedures, etc., with Maritime Temp Services.

VI. No Maritime Temp Services employee assigned to the Customer is or shall be authorized to make a commitment or sign or execute any document on behalf of Maritime Temp Services.

VII. Customer acknowledges the considerable cost incurred by Maritime Temp Services to recruit, evaluate and reference check its temporary employees. Accordingly, our employees must be placed for a minimum of 3 months full time, before the client may hire them. Should the client wish to hire the employee before such time, the client agrees to pay a flat fee as established by Maritime Temp Services to cover hiring costs.

VIII. Customer will be charged a minimum of four (4) hours for each employee ordered if the employee reports for work and the Customer finds it no longer has any work for the employee(s).

IX. Due to Occupational Health & Safety requirements, we as a temporary supplier of Human Resources, must delegate the responsibility of our workers Health & Safety to our client, with respect to the identification of hazards, the creation of safe work practices and special training for these practices. On site policies, programs, and/or committees are the responsibility of the client and any information on the above must be forwarded to Maritime Temp Services.

X. An invoice is rendered weekly based on the hours worked as shown on the employees time card. Overtime rates of time and a half will be invoiced after the provincial minimum hourly levels are achieved, in compliance with the Employment Standards Act of the province. XI. Payment terms are upon receipt of invoice. All overdue accounts will be subject to a two percent (2%) charge per month, twenty four percent (24%) per annum.


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